Meet the Team

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Scheduling and Financial Coordinator

We have the most amazing, close-knit team at Orthodontic Associates, and that includes our patients and their families! Together, we achieve healthy and beautiful smiles that improve each patient’s quality of life. I love watching each patient move through treatment and seeing the incredible finished smiles, as well as the patient’s happiness, when we’re done!

Outside of work, I love time with my husband, three grown children, and four grandchildren. I also like boating and escaping into a good book.

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Assistant and Lab Technician

Orthodontics Associates is my home away from home, Dr. Pope and my coworkers are my family, and our patients are part of that family! I love caring for a wonderful community, helping each person reach their smile goals by offering chairside assistance and with lab work. Seeing a person finish with a smile they love, and knowing I helped make it happen, is very rewarding!

When not at work, I love time with my husband, two children, and our family dog, Rodney. I also like reading and arts and crafts projects.

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Secretary and Insurance Coordinator

I love how everyone at Orthodontic Associates puts our patients’ welfare first! We’ve a fun, family environment, and we’re always laughing with our patients while helping them develop smiles that change their lives! I handle insurance issues, so patients and families don’t need to stress. I also handle inventory, billing, and cover at the front desk.

My favorite personal time is spent with my husband, adult son, and three cats. I also enjoy watching movies and television, reading, and traveling.

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Orthodontic Assistant

I can’t imagine a more positive, happy orthodontic office! Dr. Pope and my coworkers are some of the best people and each genuinely cares about every patient. We want patients to achieve a confident and beautiful smile and keep it for a lifetime! I setup for procedures, sterilize instruments, and provide chairside assistance to help the doctor and our patient.

When not working, my favorite times are spent outside. I especially love camping and taking my dog for long walks.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Coming soon

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Public Relations Coordinator

I love how each patient is listened to, valued, and made to know they’re part of our family. Dr. Pope and everyone at Orthodontic Associates excel at communicating with patients and keeping them excited about getting a new smile! I plan and organize activities with and for patients, referring offices, and the public. I’m responsible for raffles, parties, and all the fun things!

I was asked to work at the office after my whole family had braces here. My husband and I have four children, who are the loves of my life. I like to hike, bike, go to flea markets and the theater, and to travel. Most of all, I love being with my family.

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Laboratory Technician

Dr. Pope and our team all work together to give our patients their best smiles possible. While I’m usually in our onsite lab, making appliance, including indirect bonding trays and retainers, I enjoy meeting patients the day they we take off their braces. They are always so excited and their smiles look great!

When not at work, I like to ride my Harley. Every year I look forward to Rickey’s Ride, where a group of Harley riders ride through Chicago to raise funds to help kids with special needs. I also enjoy bowling and have had several perfect games!