What Sets Us Apart

Exceptional Care Creates Exceptional Smiles!

At Orthodontic Associates, Ltd. we believe every person deserves a healthy, becoming smile they love; a lasting smile that’s filled with confidence!

Dr. D. Spencer Pope and our team members love what we do: we help remarkable people achieve smiles that change their lives! Best of all, we become friends with each patient as, together, we create that beautiful smile.

Why Choose Orthodontic Associates?

Unlike many offices, Orthodontic Associates is an independent practice. We’re not high-volume, we manage our own schedule, and we care for you on a personal and individual basis. We have time to get to know you as a person and will look forward to your visits as a time to catch up with a friend. Not only will we greet you by name, we’ll remember our last conversation and what’s important to you.

Communication – The bedrock of our practice is open, clear communication between Dr. Pope, our team members, our patient, and the patient’s family. We’ll always listen to your concerns, answer questions fully and directly, and encourage you to ask more.

Engagement – We want you to be an excited, active participant in all parts of your orthodontic experience. We’ll encourage and support you in your home oral hygiene practices so your teeth and mouth stay healthy and clean during treatment. We’ll also regularly update you on the progress you’re making.

Personalized Treatment – Dr. Pope will create a custom care plan tailored to your unique situation. We’ll walk you through the proposed approach, talk about all options, and ensure you’re fully informed about what we’ll be doing. You deserve to understand all aspects of your treatment: this is your smile, after all!

Education – We know an educated patient is able to make the best decisions about their treatment and is empowered to care for their smile for the rest of their life. We’ll not just teach you how to keep your teeth clean, we’ll talk about nutrition, developing positive habits, and explain how the health of your mouth and that of your body affect each other.

Our commitment to education includes Dr. Pope and our team. Each year we pursue continuing education courses, staying current on advancements and changes in treatment, technology, and materials. You can be assured we’re always providing leading-edge care for your new smile!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Please contact one of our patient-centered orthodontic offices, in Flossmoor and New Lenox, IL, to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or a loved one.

Dr. Pope and everyone on the Orthodontics Associates team look forward to welcoming you to our family; we can’t wait to get started on your new smile! Please, call today!