How much will braces cost? Are financing options available? How does my insurance work?

It is impossible to give an exact cost for treatment until we have examined you. Orthodontic fees have risen at a rate significantly lower than the rise in other health care costs. Fees vary depending upon the severity of the problem and the length and method of treatment. At Orthodontic Associates, our treatment fee includes the braces, all adjustments, any x-rays needed during treatment, and retainers along with the appropriate follow-up. We will determine and discuss fees with you on an individual and private basis. We offer many payment choices for our patients and will help you select as comfortable a plan as possible for you and your family.

Some dental insurance plans also feature orthodontic benefits. We will also review your insurance policy and help to maximize your benefit and file your claims. Our office will also work with you to maximize any Flex-spending plans that you may have as well.